Kelly has over a decade of theatre experience ranging from Shakespeare to broad comedy and sketch to classic and contemporary drama.  She has appeared on stages in New York City, Boston, and San Francisco.  Her commercial and on-camera experience includes roles in an award-winning independent film, a donut commercial, a soon-to-be-released web series focused on the lovelorn, and a horror film in which Kelly deftly portrays a good ol’ fashioned victim of a madman. Kelly is regarded as a stand-out for her comedic abilities, razor-sharp timing, and the ability to consistently create unique, fatally-flawed, heartbreakingly-hilarious characters.  Outside the theatre, Kelly is a die-hard gym rat recognized for her extraordinary inability to sleep in, even on the weekends.  She loves physical activity, equally spreading her love between the elliptical machine and hikes with her dog. She also works as a theatre costumer, stylist, and vintage clothing buyer, and she can often be found neck-deep amidst the thrift store racks, ever on the hunt for buried treasure. Kelly lives in Los Angeles with her fiance Christopher Cleveland and their two big dogs.